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About Us!

A Wellingborough-based family-run plumbing company that specialises in Bathroom Refurbishment, Kitchen Fitting, Full Home Renovation, and other services. Plastering, tiling, flooring, ceiling, painting, decorating, all electrics, and everything else required for any type of renovation can be done by our team. We also specialise in home extensions and loft conversions. Our expert team handles everything from the start of the process to the finished product. For a free quote, please call us or fill out the form below.

Who Are We?

Normz Plumbing Ltd (company number: 10786096) is based in Wellingborough and serves Finedon, Rushden, Raunds, Kettering, Corby, Earls Barton, Northampton, and many surrounding areas. We have completed over 100 refurbishment projects, including full house renovations, kitchen renovations, and bathroom renovations. Stripping down the entire house, removing existing walls to create new walls for home remodel or bathroom remodel, whether to give it a new look or build a personal bathroom in your own room for personal use or simply to make it more spacious, we have pushed ourselves to our fullest potential and beyond, which has led us to build a tremendous amount of experience and confidence in the home improvement sector.

What Can We Do For You?

You want to renovate your home or a portion of your home, such as your bathroom, but you have no idea where to start or what your new bathroom will look like. You may have many questions, and that is precisely where we come in to assist you.

Our main objective is to fulfil the needs of our clients. Sometimes clients don’t know what they want, they just want a new bathroom, so we come over to survey the bathroom, have a discussion, and share ideas, and then design a bathroom that complements your tastes and lifestyle, so that your new bathroom matches your aesthetic preferences for your complete satisfaction.

Normz Plumbing is a highly regarded business with 100% satisfied customers, and there is a good reason for this. We always ensure that our clients receive the services they have paid for. We never keep our clients in the dark, and we ensure that you are well-informed on a daily basis, so that if there is anything you would like to change during the renovation, we will do so as long as it is feasible. No one understands this concept better than we do, as perfection requires repeated attempts.

The following are some of our company’s distinctive characteristics that you will not find in other refurbishment companies:

    • First and foremost, we have high work ethics and standards, and we treat every project as if it were our own home. This enables us to consider every aspect of your new bathroom, for example, so that if any issue is discovered during the renovation that may cause future problems, we’ll make sure to bring it to your attention and fix it to prevent future issues. We are always proactive on your behalf.
    • Because we care about every client, we deliver results that transform their lives. We are not a “TURNOVER” company; therefore, if necessary, we would spend extra time to deliver the perfect bathroom (even if it cost our company more money), as opposed to finishing quickly and moving on to the next job like most other businesses. Our ultimate goal is your complete satisfaction, as evidenced by the testimonials indicating a 100%  satisfaction rate.
    • We are an all-inclusive service, so you won’t have to hire separate tradespeople and hope they show up. We take care of every detail, from the initial planning to the final delivery, to make your home improvement experience as pleasant as possible.
    • We have very selective suppliers because we always want to ensure that the materials and components we install for your new bathroom, for example, are of the highest quality and are guaranteed to last a very, very long time. If there are any problems with the materials after the fitting and installation, and they are still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, we will replace them free of charge and labour as long as it was the manufacturer’s fault.

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