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Finally Decided To Have Your Own Personal Bathroom In Your Bedroom?

Whether you are a Homeowner or a Landlord looking to add bathroom in bedrooms to turn them into ensuite rooms, we can help you with that too. In past, we have converted many bedrooms into ensuite bedrooms for Homeowners as well as Landlords. Landlords required each  double bedrooms to have an ensuite built in it so they can rent out each of those rooms as ensuite room and be able to collect more rent money whereas homeowners simply wanted to increase the value of their home or have their own personal ensuite alongside the main bathroom to avoid queue for morning shower before work due to increasing number of family members. 

Image of Ensuite Bedroom
No matter what the size of your bedroom is, we can always work a way around it to install the ensuite. If your bedroom is very small, we can still be able to install at least a private shower room or a private toilet for you. If you would like to convert a tiny bedroom into a bathroom, we can do that for you too. If you already have an ensuite bathroom installed that needs to be renovated, we would certainly carry out en-suite  bathroom refurbishment too. We have completed countless of such projects that allowed us in gaining unmatched expertise and experience in home improvement and renovation sector.
Please note that your renovation project will be managed by a project head who has managed over 100 projects and that also includes a complete home renovation. 

Please call, text or WhatsApp us on 07748 743004 if you are looking for an Ensuite Build or Ensuite Refurbishment. Alternatively, you can also fill out a form below to contact us if that’s more convenient. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


Minimum 1.5 x 3 metres to have a good spacious ensuite.

Average size of an ensuite shower room is approx. 1200mm width x 21mm long.

Ensuite can be as big as you want depending on your room size or as small as it can be to fit 3 main components and that is Sink, Toilet & Shower area. 

Smallest ensuite can be 800mm wide x 1900mm long

Yes, due to extra bathroom and shower which is a plus when selling it to a couple.

It doesn’t need to but it is better to have a toilet

Not necessarily as you install spotlights and extractor fan

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