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In the initial phase, we will come to your home to do a survey of your current bathroom or kitchen as well as get all your requirements. Normz is usually the project head who has tremendous amount of experience as he has successfully completed over 100 refurbishment projects. He will use his expertise to dig deep and really understand what your brand new dream bathroom needs to be like and visualise and share different ideas with you how we can go on about refurbishing your current bathroom or kitchen.



There isn’t any design, shape, style or type of Bathroom that we cannot build for you. Our aim is always to give you your dream bathroom. We have had clients who fell in love with the bathroom designs they saw on Pinterest & Instagram post and we took on the challenge to replicate the exact same bathroom that they loved and we can do the same for you. Some of our previous clients wanted their bathroom refurbished but nothing specific they had in their mind however our very experienced project head Normz talked his way through the client to come up with a design that was of client’s choice which the client liked it to be therefore if you are unsure or confused about the design then there’s nothing to worry, we can also sort that out and build you a unique bathroom or a replication. It’s entirely up to you.


Supply & Fitting

We can provide material or we can fit your material that you have already purchased. For us it is very important that the bathroom we build for you will last you a long time, this is simply because we have a high work ethics and high standards set. We are very proud of every project we complete. We have completed over 100 projects and thus we have a lot of experience to know which supplier can provide us with Top Grade Material that also guarantee their supplies and are quick to get replacement. We provide 2 year guarantee to replace any parts free of cost and labour as long as it’s manufacturers fault. The guarantee may not eligible if the supplies were not provided by us.

Bathroom Renovation in Kettering


Each of our team members are Highly Skilled, Qualified and has many years of experience in their field as well as in bathroom refurbishments. Each team member makes sure to pay attention to detail when carrying out work whether it be a plumber, tiler, decorator etc. After installation is completed, our team will make sure to tidy up and hand over you your new shiny bathroom. We will also make sure that all the old material from old bathroom is taken care of so that you don’t have to deal with any hassle. During the whole process from Planning to Designing to Fitting to Installation, you will be kept well informed on daily basis of the work that is being carried out incase you want to make some changes and if you have a question to ask, please do not hesitate to ask us as we are there for you in the first place.

Installing Parts

Want an En-suite built in your existing bedroom ?

Whether you have an existing en-suite that needs refurbishment or have a bedroom that does not have an existing en-suite bathroom then we can help you with that too. We have previously been contacted by similar clients that wanted their own personal bathroom in their room. We have the expertise to survey the room area and where the new bathroom will best be placed. If the room size is very big, we can install a bathtub too however usually we create a complete en-suite that includes walk-in shower, hand basin, WC and towel radiator as well as tiling and flooring to give your brand new en-suite bathroom a nice, shiny finish.

Image of Ensuite Bedroom

Looking to add extras ?

When we build a bathroom for you, we always keep your comfort and luxury in mind and deliver the best results. If you forget to tell us to add something in the planning phase i.e Wall Hung Bidet then for us it’s never too late, you can always discuss this with us and we will work out a solution for it. If you would like any extras to be installed in your new bathroom that you normally don’t see in most bathrooms in the U.K such as any type of Bidet,  we can install that for you too as long as the parts are available in the U.K.

Hand Bidet and Wall Hung Bidet

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