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Application of the terms and conditions

1. These Terms and Conditions will apply to the purchase of the Services and related Products exclusion to
all other terms expressly written by you before acceptance of quotation.

2. These are all terms and conditions under which we sell all range of services offer in addition to
complementary products by our company. By ordering or acceptance of quotation deemed to be offer by
you to buy our Services and you are entered into the contract and bound by these Terms and Conditions.

3. Consumer refers to an individual or company (You) acting for purposes which are wholly or primarily
beyond of one’s own trade, business, craft, or occupation.

4. Contract is the legally binding agreement between NORMZ PLUMBING LIMITED and customer(you) for the supply of the Services.

5. Delivery Location refers to the stated location where the Services are to be delivered, as agreed in the
Order or quotation agreed by you.

6. Products refers to any Products that we deliver to you with the Services, of the items description as set out in the Order or quotation agreed by you.

7. Order means a customer’s Order for a customer in the form of Services from we NORMZ PLUMBING LIMITED to our customer (You) in accordance with the customer’s Order or written acceptance of our quotation in writing.

8. Services means the Services, including any Products, of the number and description set out in the Order
written acceptance of our quotation in writing.

9. Our Services and Products information, pictures and description can be found in our website, brochures or
other form of advertisement. Colors and sizes of any Products supplied may vary slightly as this
description is for illustrative purpose only.

10. When making a special order for the Services and Products, it is your responsibility to ensure
information’s as per requirement specification provided is accurate. We will act in the best interest of you
to fulfill your special request, but we will not take our responsibility and outside the scope of warranty and

11. Services are subject to availability and may require changing to comply with relevant laws or safety
requirements. We will inform to you of these changes in writing.

12. You must cooperate with us in all matters related to the Service, and that we and our employees and
subcontractors are provided access to all buildings under your control, as necessary. You must provide us
in advance all information including any licenses and consents required (unless otherwise agreed) that is
necessary to perform the Services.

13. We are entitled to suspend or terminate the Contract with immediate effect on a written notice if our
customer fail to comply with above or until Customer measure is following our request.

14. The description of the Services and any Products in our website, catalogues, brochures or other form of
advertisement does not bind us in Contract to sell our Services and Products.

15. When an Order has been placed, the company may reject it with different reason, although we will try to
let you know the reason behind without delay.

16. Customer Order is an offer to us for us to provide the Services and Products. The Order is not a Contract
and does not mean that the Order has been accepted. The Contract between customers and us will only be formed upon the earlier of i) when we send you the email confirmation of the acceptance of the Order or
ii) delivery of the Services to the customer.

17. Quotation or estimates of Fees is valid for up to 7 days from the date unless we explicitly withdraw at an
earlier time before 48 hours of service being performed.

18. Variation to the Contract regarding the details, Fees or other matters of the Services should not change
unless agreed by both customer and the supplier in writing.

19. We rely on these terms and conditions and no document is explicitly mentioned in relation to the subject
matter of the Contract. While we are responsible for statements and representations made by officially
authorized agents but be sure to check in writing for any variation from these Terms of Condition.

20. Fees for the Services, the price of the materials and any additional delivery or other charges regarding
disposal of waste, congestion charges and parking (unless parking permit is provided for the duration), is
set out in our price list at the time of Order, or these prices may be agreed in writing. Prices are calculated based on either standard rate or on hourly basis.

21. VAT for the Services and materials are stated in the Order confirmation at applicable rates.

22. Payment must be made at least 2 days prior to the delivery. Payment can be made by any means such as
cash, Cheque, BACS. You can also provide debit or credit card details with your Order for us to process
the payment immediately or provide before the delivery of the Services.

23. Services including Products will be delivered to the delivery location as confirmed or within the agreed
period or, failing any agreement: the case of Services, within a reasonable time; and the case of Products, without undue delay and, in any event, not more than 30 calendar days from
the day on which the Contract is entered.

24. Should we fail to deliver the Services on agreed time, regardless of events that is beyond our control, you may request to reduce the agreed Fees by a reasonable amount (including any amounts that were already paid above the reduced fee). The amount of reduction, where appropriate is not limited up to the full amount of the agreed Fees.

25. Should we fail to deliver the Products on agreed time, regardless of events that is beyond our control, you can (in addition to any other remedies) treat the Contract as terminated if: 25.1.we refuse to deliver the Products, or if you say time is priority considering all relevant circumstances at the time of Contract, or you said it before the Contract was made; or
25.2.after we have failed to deliver within the agreed re-scheduled period.

26. Should you treat the Contract is terminated as above, we may process for the full or part refund of the
payments made under the Contract depending on the Service and Products we have already provided.

27. You are not entitled to cancel or reject any Order of the Products which is part of the commercial unit. A
commercial unit is made up of different parts of the product, and division of these parts would materially
impair the value of the Products or character of the unit.

28. In the case of shortage of the Products or other genuine and fair reason, you are in an agreement that the
delivery could be made in installments, subject to the above provisions and provided there are no extra
charges for customers.

29. Should you or your nominee fail to take delivery of the Products at delivery location, which is not our
fault, we may charge the reasonable costs of storing and re-delivering them.

30. If reasonably practicable, customer must examine the Products before accepting it, as the responsibility of the Products is transferred to you at the point of completion of delivery.

31. After completion of delivery of Products, risk of damage or losses of those Products are your

32. Delivered Products are not own by you until and unless full payment is received. If you became a bankrupt
without paying in full, we can choose, by notice to cancel any delivery and end any right to use of the
Products still in your position, in which case you must return it or allow us to collect them.

33. Should you change your mind and do not want to provide a reason, you can still withdraw the Order by
informing us in writing before 48 hours of service taking place. This will not incur any liability to you. If
you will inform after 48 hours of services taking place, we will deduct our engineers’ hours rate from your
deposit or liable to pay £150 of our termination fees.

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