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It's Time To Build A Beautiful Shower Room!

At Normz Plumbing, we love building beautiful looking shower room. If you have lived in a few rented houses before purchasing your own home, you would already  know how horrible most of these rooms are with the same old boring looking shower trays and most probably not much freedom to move around while having a shower. When we carry out any kind of renovation, we always try to imagine the project outcome from client’s perspective and what it is that they really want. The luxury and spacious renovation outcome is on top of the list just like the one in the following picture:

Image of Shower Room
From this picture you can imagine how great it would feel to have a shower in one of these luxurious room 🙂

Notice the floor leveling with the shower area in the above picture. Bathroom design like this one really helps individuals with mobility issue to easily get inside the shower to have a shower rather than struggle with getting onto the old traditional horrible looking shower tubs that is higher than the rest of the flooring level of the bathroom. 

Please note that this is not a Wet Room. For Wet Room, please click here.

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We will have to carry out a survey to figure out if installation downstairs is possible.

Wet Rooms are more expensive as they require proper waterproofing. 

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