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We are top class bathroom fitters in Wellingborough and it’s surrounding areas simply because we look at bathroom refurbishment from clients perspective and give them what they want.

Bathroom has become a place in your home where you relax and do a lot of thinking. For many people, the bathroom is probably the only place where they spend the least amount of time in their homes and yet get the most relaxation and best ideas in mind. One of the very famous American musician quotes:

If I want to be alone, some place I can write, I can read, I can pray, I can cry, I can do whatever I want - I go to the bathroom.

Alicia Keys

In the present day, bathrooms have turned into a luxury and as we all know that luxury is expensive. However, with Normz Plumbing, you get luxury with the right and affordable price (no hidden price headache to deal with) and the highest quality delivered. We don’t overcharge due to our pricing ethical standards that we have set which are also reflected in many feedbacks we have received, one of which is as following a client gave us on

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No matter how small or big your existing bathroom is, how small your budget is (as long as its realistic) or whether you have no bathroom design ideas in mind yet, we will discuss and share ideas with you using our previous bathroom refurbishment experiences and analyse that information to figure out the design to build you your brand new dream bathroom which will compliment your taste and aesthetic preference.

After you have finalised what your new bathroom should look like, we will take care of everything from the beginning to the end of the project and make sure to keep the refurbishment process as least stressful as we can for you.

Best Bathroom Fitters In Town!

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When having us work for you as bathroom fitters, you will never have to chase us. Our refurbishment team will be at your home daily, on time and will deliver the project on an agreed date and whatever questions you may have in mind will be answered. You will be kept well-informed on a day to day basis. Even though we’ve agreed initially on the design of the bathroom, on the first day when rip out the whole bathroom, we get our client to come in to see if they are happy with the layout or if any changes needs to be made (without reordering the materials) so that every work for the bathroom refurbishment is carried out as you want it and delivered on time.  

What makes us unique is our aftercare service. Your brand new bathroom will come with a 2 years guarantee. We provide the best aftercare service in town as we give you a call on every quarterly basis to make sure you’re fully satisfied with your new bathroom and everything is functioning as it should be. If not then we’ll come over and fix it for you free of labour charge as long as it’s manufacturer’s fault. Our suppliers are carefully chosen who provide only the top grade material which they guarantee and are quick to send replacement parts and thus you will not have to wait weeks down the line for anything to be replaced either. Since the material and parts from our suppliers are top grade quality, it is extremely rare that the replacement of any part will be needed, however we still let all our clients know of this so that you are kept well aware of our amazing after-care service which we are always working on to improve further. 

On a daily basis, you will see a noticeable change taking place in your bathroom so just sit back and relax and finally watch us make your brand new dream bathroom come to reality 🙂 

Relax and watch us build your brand new bathroom!

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It will take between a week and a half to 2 weeks. There are many other bathroom fitters  who will complete bathroom refurb within a week but this way the quality is compromised and the finish is no good either and since we have high ethical business values and high standards set, we decided to spend twice as much time to deliver highest quality finish that we will take pride in and have our client overly satisfied with our hard work 🙂

To prevent leak, wall damages, floor damage, prevent mold are some of the things why bathroom renovation is important

If you have a combi boiler or unvented cylinder, you can have a thermostatic shower which works with high pressure either exposed or concealed shower. If you have a gravity system, you have few options, you can either go for an electric or power shower or install a pump to create a good pressure. 

Depends on your preference. Some people like tiles because its easier to clean. Some people don’t like tiles because it is cold. Some people don’t like tiles because they have kids so there is risk of slippages. Some people like vinyl because it is warm and soft to walk on. 

You can do it this by installing a pump.

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