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We Build Beautiful Kitchens!

We are Wellingborough’s leading Kitchen Fitters & Installers. We build kitchens that are beautiful and has a high quality finish. We will make sure that your brand new kitchen has a nice clean shiny finish along with making sure that you have the most modern design to make your life a lot easier in the kitchen especially if you have a family. It would be fair to say that we all have gone through some experience of a congested kitchen especially if you have rented a room to rent in a shared house before. Two or more people in that small kitchen and there’s a kitchen traffic jam! And thus we do all we possibly can to make the kitchen bigger and luxurious and an open space where you feel great when you enter the kitchen and when you are cooking. Check out the most recent kitchen installation we carried out below.

Kitchen Fitting in Wellingborough by Kitchen Fitter Normz Plumbing
Kitchen Fitters in Wellingborough by Kitchen Installer Normz Plumbing
Kitchen Installer in Wellingborough by Kitchen Fitter Normz Plumbing

Well Experienced Kitchen Fitters & Installers

When we go to a client’s home to survey their Kitchen or Bathroom or any other part of their home that requires a renovation, we analyse what we can do to make our clients life more comfortable and their home really feel like a home sweet home. We always consider remodelling the kitchen or bathroom specially so that we can make those areas more spacious so it doesn’t feel like you can’t breathe and instead feel like somewhere where you can sit and relax too. As we have completed over 100 renovation projects, we have seen some of the most outdated and horrible looking kitchen where you would not even spend a minute, let alone cooking a nice dinner in that kitchen and those kind of kitchen are the ones we love renovating as it no doubt deserves to be destroyed and demolished and turned into a beautiful modern kitchen and thus it gives us inner satisfaction to see a smile on our clients face 🙂

Kitchen After Renovation
Kitchen Refurbishment in Northampton by Kitchen Fitters Normz Plumbing After Picture

Coming back to making our clients life easier in the kitchen and modernising it, depending on the client’s budget, we make sure that we build such a kitchen that will make cooking easier i.e upgrading your cooker, installing a double bowl sink to easily clean things, making sure that the kitchen has integrated washing machine installation as well as integrated fridge/freezer, integrated microwave,  integrated oven as well as built in cooker hood extractor fan and other kitchen appliances depending on the client’s budget.

Please click here if you would like to read a full kitchen renovation case study of one of the kitchen in the above picture with more before and after pictures.

Please call, text or WhatsApp us on 07748 743004 if you are looking for Kitchen Fitters & Installers to get your kitchen renovated as we have a well experienced team to build you your dream kitchen. Alternatively, you can also fill out a form below to contact us if that’s more convenient. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


Depending on the size and work involved. 2 Weeks on average

Yes, the dishwasher can be installed in the kitchen if there is enough space. Alternatively, it can also be possible to relocate the washing machine and install an integrated dishwasher instead. 

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