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Luxurious Bathroom to Shower Room Conversion in Northampton By Best Bathroom Fitters

The latest project we did was Luxurious Bathroom to Shower Room Conversion in Northampton. Many people these days are opting for a shower room instead of a bathroom.
Bathrooms with bathtubs are considered old and unstylish, shower rooms are the new future, not only are they separate and spacious but they also provide you a better bathing experience.
One of the other reasons that people are choosing showroom over bathtubs is because of the amount of water they save; bathtubs are big and requires a lot of water to be filled in for its use, this is why there is a rise for converting a bathroom into a shower room.
Age factor is also playing a big role for converting bathrooms into shower room, getting in and out of a bathtub can be hard for old people but shower room is accessible and easy to use even for older people, its quick and easy to operate, and provide less hassle.

Before Shower Room Conversion

If you look at these before pictures of the shower room in Northampton, you can understand how big of a transformation this is, it takes a lot of hard work and labour to make such transformations come true, this is where our expert and experienced team is so good at. We are always ready and prepared for every task, our planning and great communication is what makes every project another masterpiece for the client, that is one of the reason that we are the most trusted in this business.
The old bathroom had a bathtub in it which was broken and old. The bathroom also had old worn-out vanity which was making it look no user friendly at all.
The bathroom had a pretty weird colour scheme that was giving a worn-out feeling, the paint wasn’t the only thing making it look unusable but the tiles and the floor added even more to this feeling. Everything in the bathroom had to be removed and the conversion was going to be built from scratch.
We then took everything out, every single tile, all the furniture, the paint on the walls were scraped, the bathroom old wires were removed, the old plumbing and drainage was taken out as well.
Then what we had in front of us was an empty room ready to be converted into a luxurious shower room. We then started to restore the old walls by fixing them, installed new electrical wires, the plumbing and drainage was also completely replaced and this is where we completed the basic structure of our shower room conversion.
The bathroom was converted into a beautiful shower room and the shower room in Northampton was completed into a complete luxurious and aesthetic masterpiece.

Completely Tiled

New floor and wall tiles were installed in the shower room making it a piece of modern art. We wanted to create a design that will produce harmony in the shower room, thus we opted for very similar looking floor and wall tiles, the design and theme of the shower room is just out of this world, with the walls completely tiled into a grey stone that has the veiny design into them.
We also used a bit darker shade of the same design into the shower room floor, which presents a dark and luxurious look into the shower room. The tiles are made up of the best material out there, they are pretty easy to maintain as well, making them a great choice for the conversion of this bathroom to a luxurious shower room in Northampton.

LED Mirror

What do you do after taking that shower? Watch yourself in the mirror and possibly go for a face skin routine, this needs a good sharp mirror and nothing could be better than a rectangular LED mirror.
This rectangular Led mirror provides enough light to lit every area of your face that is necessary, showing all the important details. The mirror can also be used without the shower room spotlights, thanks to the Led light it includes.
Furthermore, the sharp and crisp mirror is a modern need that should always be fulfilled, this is what makes Luxurious Bathroom to Shower Room Conversion in Northampton a complete project.

The all-black metal

To make the Luxurious Bathroom to Shower Room Conversion in Northampton possible, we had to opt for a design that was going to make our client love the shower room even more, we decided to go with the all black mode.
All of the metal is painted/coloured in Black to enhance the shower room look and feel.
This includes the towel radiator, the Tap, Both of the showers, the toilet, the cabinets under the sink and the shower screen divider of the shower area.
The black colour is giving an aura in the bathroom that would’ve not been possible to achieve with simple grey colour.
It goes really well with our dark grey tiles, that the client absolutely loved it.

New Spotlights

The conversion would’ve not been possible without good lighting in the new shower room in Northampton. The spotlights we installed in the bathroom are making the shower room look even better, because without proper lighting all the effort on its visuals would’ve gone into total vain.
The lights are installed on the ceiling which gives a top light, making everything under the shower room light up perfectly, a good shower room requires good sources of light to keep it shinning even in the darkest hours.

Shower Enclosure

The shower area is quite spacious, designed to make sure that anyone using it will have the luxury to enjoy the ample of space.
The shower screen divider is there to keep the floors from getting wet and keeping the bathroom dry and clean. The glass divider acts brilliantly as a unique glass wall that separates the complete shower room into two separate areas.
Two showers are installed into the shower area, which includes a hand shower and a fixed standing shower, both of these showers have different functionality and preferences.
We have included both of these showers so that they could be utilised by anyone. If someone wants to take a shower with the fixed shower which creates the stunning rainfall like experience then they can use the standing shower.
While the other shower can be utilised for the people who like to manually operate the shower and use different angles while taking a shower, although to further enhance the bathing experience both showers could be utilised together as well.

Shower Room Furniture

The shower room includes basic bathroom furniture as well, which has a traditional toilet and a sink for washing hands/face.
Earlier in the bathroom we had a very old looking washbasin and a commode, we wanted to make sure that the new bathroom furniture will be fulfilling the modern bathroom standards and can make the design of the bathroom look even better.
The shower room features a luxurious toilet with black flush tank, that is made up of a very high-quality material and a new washbasin with black cabins made of the finest woods out there. The washbasin also includes a black metal tap, which lasts as long as the other taps we install, meaning that it is made up of the best quality materials and will last many years to come.
We wanted the black theme to stand out in the shower room conversion that is why we have more black colours in our shower room vanity and metal objects.

Towel Radiator

This is one of the many black coloured towel radiator we have installed. The reason for going with a black towel radiator is the beautiful theme of this new shower room in Northampton.
The black towel radiator also includes the same feature and have durability and functionality as good as the other towel radiators that we have installed over the years.
This towel radiator will solve two different problems, the one thing it does solve is heating up your towels and the other is keeping the temperature of the shower room warm.
While we were converting the bathroom into a luxurious shower room we could’ve installed the average looking grey metal towel radiator but a black one would just stand out, this is the reason we went with a black towel radiator while converting the old bathroom into an aesthetic shower room.

The End Result - After Pictures of Bathroom Conversion to Shower Room in Northampton

Bathroom Renovation After Fitting Pictures

Bathroom Renovation After Fitting Pictures

Bathroom Renovation After Fitting Pictures

Bathroom Renovation After Fitting Pictures

Bathroom Renovation After Fitting Pictures

The Client, You, are always the priority.

Like with every bathroom renovation or kitchen refurbishment project, the client always had the most say in this project, and as always, we as being the best Bathroom Fitters in Northampton delivered as per client’s requirements; after all, we want all of our clients to be very satisfied with our bathroom renovation or kitchen fitting work, as these projects can be very stressful and costly for clients, and thus we try our best to keep the cost competitive and deliver the kind of bathroom the client actually wants. We kept the client up to date and informed during the whole process of the project on a daily basis.

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