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Bathroom Remodel in Northampton By Best Bathroom Installers

Our latest project is the Bathroom Remodel in Northampton, where we have recently remodelled the bathroom in Northampton with the latest design and bathroom furniture. The remodelled bathroom features aesthetic design and latest bathroom accessories that will enhance the bathroom experience of our client. This bathroom in Northampton needed a complete makeover, our client called us and told us that they were pretty impressed with our portfolio, they loved our other remodel bathrooms, they were also impressed by how we have transformed small places into quite luxurious bathrooms.

New bathroom after remodel in Northampton

Therefore, the client wanted us to work on the remodelling of their bathroom, the client expressed their desire for a darker theme design to remodel their bathroom, we then shared some of our new design and ideas with the client, which they loved. We started remodelling the bathroom in Northampton, our first task during remodelling was to take out all of bathrooms earlier furniture and tiles. 

New bathroom flooring after bathroom remodelling in Northampton

The old plumbing and drainage were the next in this remodel of our latest project, we always make sure to remove the old plumbing and drainage and install new ones so that the bathroom can have an extended life, this not only satisfies us but it is something that our customers always love. We believe in delivering highest quality bathroom and kitchen fitting and plumbing work and that is why we are admired and recommended by our customers the most.

Black marble wall tiles

Our client wanted the bathroom in Northampton to have a darker theme, which why is we decided to install black marble tiles on the walls of the bathroom which has a gloss finish that gives an appealing visual feel. The black colour palette exudes a sense of luxury and versatility, while the glossy finish adds a touch of refinement to the overall look. The 9mm thickness ensures durability and longevity, promising a lasting investment that stands the test of time.

New bathroom tiled walls after bathroom remodelling in Northampton

What truly sets these tiles apart is the intricate white veining that dances across their surface, infusing each piece with a unique character that’s sure to captivate the eye. These veins breathe life into the walls, creating an alluring visual masterpiece. The tiles are also pretty sturdy, they can easily pass the test of time against water and other different wear and tear, making sure that the remodelled bathroom is made up of the highest quality.

Floor tiles

The client wanted a darker theme for the remodelling of this bathroom, they also required the flooring to be of a very solid and strong material, which will not break easily and can resist damage easily. Thus we installed Stone Effect Porcelain Tiles in a distinguished Dark Grey shade for the flooring. These tiles redefine the concept of elegance by seamlessly blending the raw beauty of natural stone with the reliability of porcelain craftsmanship.

New flooring after bathroom remodelling in Northampton

With a captivating resemblance to genuine stone, the Dark Grey Stone Effect Porcelain Tiles effortlessly capture the essence of organic textures. As you step onto these tiles, you’ll experience a sense of timelessness. The inherent strength of porcelain ensures that the flooring retains its beauty through everyday use, maintaining its remarkable appearance for years to come. The interplay of the dark grey floor tiles with the characterful white veining of the black marble wall tiles establishes a cohesive aesthetic narrative that speaks words visually that soothes every individual differently.

Bathroom Vanity, Toilet, Sink, Tap

We have installed new furniture in the remodel of this small bathroom, due to its smaller area we had to make sure that the furniture we install in it could be functional as well as small in size, so it doesn’t uses up a lot of space, leaving no room for passage in the bathroom.

New bathroom vanity, toilet, sink, tap, mirror after bathroom remodelling in Northampton

In this Bathroom Remodelling in Northampton, we installed a traditional toilet in white colour which is made up of strong quality material that will last many years in the future and a small wooden cabin which has a white coloured sink over it, the wooden cabinet is made up of finest quality of the wood, which will protect it from the water also from wear and tear in the future, the sink features a black coloured tap, that looks pretty amazing contrasting it with the overall bathroom theme.


In this bathroom remodel we installed a new mirror on top the sink, which gives a good viewing angle to the user. The mirror is the most basic and important part of a bathroom, without a decent mirror a bathroom can and is never complete.

The standard small mirror was installed as it will provide the user with crystal clear and sharp image/reflection, making sure that the daily bathroom chores are carried without any hassle.


New spotlights after bathroom remodelling in Northampton

We installed the basic spotlights on the ceiling of this bathroom, the remodelling would’ve been incomplete if the lighting setup wasn’t upgraded.

The bathroom is bright in the day but it is even brighter at night due to the new lights that we have installed, the key factor is their placing, which helps the light eliminate all dark corners and shadows easily.

The new spotlights are also energy efficient and long lasting, making sure that the remodel of the bathroom is brighter and better.

Separated Shower area

The shower area is separated by a glass panel in this Bathroom Remodelling in Northampton. It includes a shower area with a rectangular shower tray that redirects the flow of the water to the drainage point, the glass panel will stop the water from spilling out on the floor, it also creates a division into the bathroom for shower room. The shower room is equipped with modern standard Rainfall shower and a hand shower. 

New shower tray, new rainfall shower, new handheld shower after bathroom remodelling in Northampton

The reason to include two showers in the shower area is pretty simple, the fixed rainfall shower is quite convenient for a quick and short bath, although many people prefer it because of the wonderful rain like experience it provides to its consumer. The hand shower is operated manually. It is smaller in size as compared to the over the head rain shower, the hand shower with its manual operation provides the consumer to use it in different angles and areas that are more difficult to reach.

Towel Radiator

A towel radiator is an essential need for every bathroom, For this Bathroom Remodel in Northampton, we have installed a good quality towel radiator, which will provide warm and cosiness in this remodelled bathroom, keep the towels dry and warm. 

New towel radiator after bathroom remodelling in Northampton

So, the next time that the user is in the bathroom, they feel warm and comfortable due to the perfect temperature created through the towel radiator. The towels are also warmed by the towel radiator which is enough to keep them relaxed and bring a lot of comfort in their shower experience specially in colder months.

The End Result - After Pictures of Bathroom Remodelling in Northampton, Northamptonshire

Bathroom Remodel After Fitting Pictures

Bathroom Remodel After Fitting Pictures

The Client, You, are always the priority.

Like with every bathroom remodel or kitchen fitting project, the client always had the most say in this project, and as always, we as being the best Bathroom Remodeler in Northampton delivered as per client’s requirements; after all, we want all of our clients to be very satisfied with our bathroom remodel or kitchen fitting work, as these projects can be very stressful and costly for clients, and thus we try our best to keep the cost competitive and deliver the kind of bathroom the client actually wants. We kept the client up to date and informed during the whole process of the project on a daily basis.

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