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Small Bathroom Renovation & Extension in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire

This client contacted us for a Bathroom Refurbishment quotation in which he wanted to include Bathtub and a Shower within this small existing bathroom and thus we had to remodel and extend this bathroom to meet client’s requirement as you can see from the following pictures.
Entrance of the Bathroom Before Refurbishment
We can see in above picture how small this bathroom was originally. Literally take 4 steps from Entrance Door to the Radiator and Window and that's the end of it
Bath Tub Area Before Refurbishment
It wouldn't have been possible to include a Shower with the Bathtub without creating an extension.

Free Consultation With Client

In the initial meeting when we visited the client to carry out the survey of this bathroom, we managed to get as much requirement as possible from the client and we gave our suggestions and shared ideas with each other so that client’s new dream bathroom can reflect his life style and aesthetic preferences. For us, it’s really important that we give each of our clients their dream bathroom that they have always been searching for. As it can be seen from the above pictures, this bathroom was too small to install both a bathtub and a shower. Thus, Normz, the project head at that time suggested the client in his words:

Conversation between the Client & Normz

“I saw the cupboard and I suggested the client that it needs to come off and take this wall out to make an extension till where the mirror is and move the loft hatch on the landing and that way we can create a bigger and more spacious bathroom for a bathtub and a shower” and the client really liked Normz creative idea!
Entrance From Outside With Window
The mirror Normz is referring to is on the right side where you can see a reflection of one of our team member. Loft hatch can also be seen outside the bathroom.
In the below before and after comparison picture, please use the comparison slider in the middle (the blue button – click on it or hold it down with your thumb and move left and right) to better understand what Normz is referring to.
Entrance From Outside With Window Entrance From Outside After 1

Bathroom Remodel Begins!

We ripped all the walls back to bricks as the old plaster started to crumble in big chunks. There was no way we could repair it to install new tiles on top so we decided to rip it all back to bricks and start fresh with plasterboards and plastering to give more life to the bathroom and while we were working on this, the client and Normz spoke and decided to put a new ceiling too for better and longer life of the Bathroom overall. 
Back To Bricks Bath Tub Side During Refurbishment
This side of the wall is where the Bathtub was installed.
Sink & Toilet Removed
This side of the wall is where the old Sink and Toilet was installed.
During refurbishment, sink and Toilet side of the wall removed to rebuild another wall
The Toilet & Sink side of the wall fully removed to rebuild a brand new one.
During refurbishment the whole Bathroom was stripped down to walls and woods to rebuild brand new walls and tilings on top
The whole bathroom stripped down to rebuild a brand new bathroom. This bathroom was really tiny as you can see.
During refurbishment, the ceiling was also stripped down to rebuild a new one so the whole bathroom will have long life span
Ceiling also stripped down

Bathroom remodel by removing airing cupboard completely

The airing cupboard was removed to make the bathroom bigger and to install separate shower and bathtub.
This is the cupboard that was removed to create an extension so that it could become possible to add shower and the tub in this tiny bathroom
This is the Airing Cupboard suggested to be taken off to create an extension.The airing cupboard door can be seen two pictures down outside the bathroom to better understand what we are referring to.

Bathroom remodel on entrance door side by adding the new stud wall

We installed a new stud wall with bathroom entrance level with the landing wall to give it a nice smooth clean finish outside and create more room inside the bathroom and have easy access to the shower. So that we don’t have problems in the future, we replaced all the plumbing, heating and drainage. When we’re carrying out refurbishment on any part of the house, we always think ahead in the future so that no big issues will be caused as we want to be remembered by our clients for our brilliant efforts we put in each project.
This is the stud wall which was added to create an extension of the bathroom entrance door
Stud Wall added to create an extension of entrance door

Original Loft Removed & Relocated for Bathroom Remodel

The loft was originally located outside the Bathroom Entrance and because we extended the bathroom entrance, we relocated the loft hatch in the landing area and thus we had to create a new landing ceiling to keep it separate from the bathroom as that’s what the client asked of us and we fulfilled the request. 

Bathroom Remodel continues

Bathroom entrance door before refurbishment started
Loft hatch outside the bathroom can be seen above.
Ceiling in process
Ceiling in process

Bits & Bobs Added

We also carried out all the new electrical related work which the client wanted installed. We can install any electrical work depending on clients requirement whether they are
  • Spotlights
  • Led mirrors
  • Underfloor heating
  • Electric radiators
  • Electric towel rail
  • Extractor fan
  • Light switch
  • Extra sockets
  • Electric shower
  • Anything else you have in mind
We also installed tile layout to the clients requirement as well as the paint colour choice to reflect the client’s aesthetic preferences. Check out the amazing before and after results below 🙂

The End Result

Bathroom Remodel and Extension from the entrance area

Bathroom Remodel where only the Bathtub used to be located


Sink and Toilet Side of the Wall

Bathroom Remodel from outside the bathroom

The Client, You, are always the priority.

The client had the most say in this project and we delivered as per his requirement, afterall, we want all of our clients to be very satisfied with our work. We kept the client up to date and informed during the whole process of the project on daily basis.

If you are looking to get your bathroom refurbished, please contact us today for a free quote.

We hope that you enjoyed reading the whole process on this bathroom refurbishment. Please share on your social media using the buttons below and leave a comment below to add your thoughts or any question that you may have and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Stay Safe 🙂

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