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Amazing Bathroom Installation in Earls Barton By Best Bathroom Fitters

This Bathroom Installation was completed in Earls Barton, Northamptonshire. We were contacted to renovate this bathroom in Earls Barton, the bathroom required a lot of work and remodelling,. Our client had already made a design for their new bathroom installation in Earls Barton from Wickes. However after going through the designs, we discussed with our client that the design they have made from Wickes will need some changes as certain elements were  not making sense and will never go well with their space, to which she agreed and trusted our expertise to let us modify her design. She agreed with our advice and after we finished the project, she was in complete love with the final outcome from our professional team work.

Before Bathroom Installation in Earls Barton

This Bathroom Remodelling in Earls Barton required a complete overhaul. It wasn’t an easy task, the bathroom was going to be completely stripped and renovated, it consisted of an old side tub which needed to be removed, old flooring was also quite messed up and it was going to be removed. The tiles on the wall were old fashioned it was to be removed, which then will need a lot of retouching on the walls under them, the bathroom furniture was quite old as well, the toilet, the sink, their colours were worn out and they had to be replaced with newer and latest options. 

The plumbing and drainage were old due to which there was water pressure and drainage issues and thus it needed to be replaced. The old cabinet on the top of the toilet felt unnecessary and quite an outdated design making the space look packed. The ceiling needed to be fixed, it had a vent in it with several old electrical points, the paint on the ceiling was worn out. The bathroom also had old electrical wiring and points, which needed to be redone, replaced and changed.

All of this took us a lot of time and effort for this Bathroom Installation in Earls Barton with organised planning and structure we started our work by removing old material, cleaning all the debris, then we had to plan the new plumbing and install it, the water pipes, the drainage pipes, electrical work was the next thing we had done, our trained and well-equipped workers made sure that all this would be done without disturbing the client’s peace and routine.

After Bathroom Installation in Earls Barton

Wall Tiles

Our client wanted the walls to be completely tiled as per her design so the tiling from Wickes were tiled in our client’s bathroom for several compelling reasons. They can go with any bathroom design or theme; the tile is made up of High-Quality Material, Authentic Marble Effect. The satin finish and glossy surface of the tile added a touch of opulence to the bathroom. Our client desired a space that felt luxurious and inviting and this tile fulfilled their desire.


The flooring that were opted for the bathroom installation in Earls Barton is LVT flooring instead of traditional bathroom floor tiles. One of the benefits of LVT flooring is that it looks same as the natural wood, at the same time, it does offer other benefits which also includes cheaper rates, more strength to withstand scratches and waterproofing. LVT flooring has a beautiful printed layer that makes it look realistic, and it also has a strong top layer to make it last longer.

One of the main reasons to chose LVT over laminate flooring is that it is stronger and more powerful, it will also be able to hold itself against moisture and water, which clearly makes them better. The flooring also sits well with the bathroom theme which makes the bathroom look beautiful to the eye. Anyone visiting the bathroom can not take their eyes off from the design of this aesthetic masterpiece.

Partitioned glass panel shower enclosure

Our client wanted the shower area to be exclusive. The old bathtub was outdated and never provided them with the luxury and comfort that they were looking for. A shower area was built for our client instead, which is now equipped with a hand shower that can be manually operated and used to the preference of our client. We also installed a rainfall shower on the top of the shower area. This shower is installed on the ceiling of the shower area, it wasn’t easy to install it there, we had to install new plumbing all the way to the bathroom ceiling and make sure that it was concealed in the wall as well as the ceiling. 

Earls Barton Shower Installation

We also installed border tile in the shower area to make the shower area look even more astonishing, it just simply makes the shower area look even better, with its design and smooth visuals, the tiles just stand out, it compliments the shower too, these sort of border tiles are a great way to create a more appealing and visually aesthetic bathroom.

The Shower area is further divided by the glass panels, which gives this feel of a personal space to anyone using the shower area. The panels have functional values as well, they help to keep the water from spilling out of the shower area, this makes the small bathroom look more beautiful and have separate spaces for separate tasks.

The client wanted a long shower tray to be installed to have a spacious shower enclosure built and thus we found the best one possible. Additionally, we have also installed towel rails.

New Bathroom Furniture

The bathroom has been upgraded with new bathroom furniture as well. We have installed a traditional toilet in place of the old and worn-out toilet, the new toilet is made of better quality and is a more modern design. The old plumbing has been replaced as well for the new toilet which now has new plumbing that will provide better water pressure and the drainage is also changed to make sure that the bathroom doesn’t get clogged in the future.

We installed a new bathroom vanity in the place of the old one as well. The vanity features a white marble counter top with a ceramic oval shaped sink and modern style tap in white colour that matches well with the bathroom theme. The vanity offers enough space for bathroom accessories to be kept in it too.

New lights

The new LED Ceiling Light features an aesthetic and unique design, which separates it from traditional lights used commonly in most bathrooms, not only the light has a nice design but also has functionality that makes sure the light reaches in every part of the bathroom, keeping it well lit.

Earlier on the bathroom didn’t have good light sources and it was always quite dark and dull. The old lights were of no use, we had to also reinstall the wiring for new lights, further making sure that enough light will be provided to every corner of the bathroom, we made sure that we installed a higher capacity modern light in the bathroom.

New Mirror Shelf

Over the sink we installed a mirror shelf, which serves dual purpose. It has a storage space in it for essentials as well as it features mirror on its doors, that can be utilised as mirror for daily routine.

Mirrors on the other wall

At the request of our client, we installed two mirrors on the opposite wall of the sink as well.

The End Result - Before and After Pictures of Bathroom Installation in Earls Barton, Northamptonshire

Bathroom Renovation Before and After Fitting Pictures

The Client, You, are always the priority.

Like with every bathroom installation or kitchen fitting project, the client always had the most say in this project, and as always, we as being the best Bathroom Fitters in Earls Barton delivered as per client’s requirements; after all, we want all of our clients to be very satisfied with our bathroom renovation or kitchen fitting work, as these projects can be very stressful and costly for clients, and thus we try our best to keep the cost competitive and deliver the kind of bathroom the client actually wants. We kept the client up to date and informed during the whole process of the project on a daily basis.

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